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Team Building


As long as there have been organizations, there have been leaders. And as long as there have been leaders, they have tried to get people to work together productively.

The effective leader is always looking for ways to combine the energy of many individuals into a force that is greater than just the sum of its parts. The payoff for the leader who can do this is, to put it simply, success.

A team approach to any task leads to cost-effective use of resources, with the added benefit of worker satisfaction. Why? Because:

  • TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Group decision-making is nearly always better than individual decision-making.
  • COOPERATION IS BETTER THAN COMPETITION. People who get along with each other can get things done. They’re not distracted by personal conflicts.
  • PEOPLE NEED TO BE INFORMED. Team building helps the manger get the right information to the right people in the right way.
  • AGREEMENT BEGETS COMMITMENT. People work harder on a project when everyone agrees that the project is worthwhile.


Anyone can just “throw together” a team. It often happens just by accident. But at PMW Associates, we build teams. And there’s a big difference.

BUILDING a team is not a simple process. It can’t be left to chance. It takes careful planning and continual reinforcement. And more importantly, it takes management commitment.

How can PMW Associates help you build more effective teams? Our methods are of course tailored to suit each agency. But some steps are constant.

  • the team identifies and defines its areas of individual and group concern.
  • the team evaluates the problems and establishes goals to eliminate them.
  • the team exposes and examines the factors that help or hinder accomplishment of the goals.
  • the team identifies possible solutions.
  • the team agrees on a final plan of action and gains commitment toward its implementation.
  • the team develops an implementation schedule and a monitoring program designed to produce the desired changes.


This kind of team building is a group process. We usually conduct our workshops in a retreat setting, and the meeting takes three days. We recommend that a group of participants consists of five to nineteen people.


For a POST approved Team Building Workshop (TBW), the fee is $5,550.00 for a two or three-day program.  PMW Associates is an authorized POST presenter.   Police agencies must make application for a TBW directly through POST; see their web-site for application and reimbursement procedures.

PMW also offers “custom tailored” team building and leadership training workshops and will develop a budget and curriculum working in cooperation  with their client.  We are sure that you will find team building and leadership development worth the investment of time, money and energy.


The results of our team building efforts will be felt in many ways throughout your organization. We refer to some of these benefits as “process-oriented” and others as “product-oriented.”

The “process-oriented” benefits include improved problem-solving ability, better worker satisfaction, improved accuracy and speed of interpersonal communications, “synergy” to make the group’s effort greater than the sum of its parts, and mutual awareness within the group of different members’ strengths, styles and values.

The “product-oriented” benefits include excellent definition of management objectives, creation of an organizational action plan, a better approach to budgeting and resource allocation, greater participation in (and therefore support of) policy decisions, and better definition, acceptance and understanding of roles within the organization.

All team building workshops are custom designed and scheduled to meet the unique needs of your department.