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Books and Publications


By: Paul Whisenand, Ph.D. and R. Fred Ferguson
(Prentice Hall, Publisher 2004)

All of us have a game plan. Some plans are designated to produce individual excellence; some are structured to achieve success as a team. And some plans are arranged to pursue organizational excellence. You’ll find in this book that our game plan starts with you, progresses to you as a team member and finally, centers on you as a manager of police employees. This book takes a look at the three key goals of the game plan and examines some new realities.

Part One of this book addresses the components of police leadership: values and ethics, vision and mission, communication and trust, empowerment, teamwork, time management and total quality services. Part Two looks at community- and problem-oriented policing, policing by objectives, the budget process, politics of administration, managers and unions-working toward a positive working relationship, problem police personnel and wellness (health and happiness).

SUPERVISING POLICE PERSONNEL, The Fifteen Responsibilities, Sixth Edition

By: Paul Whisenand, Ph.D.
(Prentice Hall, Publisher 2006)

This sixth edition addresses the role of a police supervisor and his/her 15 interlocked responsibilities. We are convinced that the initial and most critical step toward being an effective supervisor and leader is accurately knowing your goals, strengths, skills and abilities. Part One provides answers on how to successfully complete a step-by-step approach to do this. Part Two emphasizes the need for developing internal partnerships and Part Three of this third edition focuses on external partnerships and community oriented policing. All three parts of the book depend on the implementation of all 15 responsibilities. One common bonding agent-leadership, connects these responsibilities.


By: Paul Whisenand, Ph.D.
(Atomic Dog Publishing, 1999)

Whether preparing for an examination, setting career goals or setting-up a promotional process for your agency, Getting Promoted is important reading.

PURPOSE: Designed to lead the reader from the cover letter and resume along the path of mental and physical preparations and finally through the testing, the complete process is described in detail and then examined. Tricks and traps are identified, exercises are specific and germane.

PROCESS: When you complete Getting Promoted you will have:

(1) a thorough understanding of the promotional testing process and how to best compete; and/or
(2) a process to hire the best candidate.

Traditional testing as well as assessment center methods are covered. Dr. Whisenand has designed, selected, administered, and/or rated in over 2,000 promotional exams. The Assessment Center, a combination of traditional tests plus a group process conducted over a longer period of time has been a focus of many of these exams. This job related testing process is thoroughly described in this publication. There is no substitute for preparation and Getting Promoted prepares you like no other.