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Workers Compensation / Disability


Legal requirements in this area are constantly changing. This course is taught by a public law attorney and two law enforcement professionals with vast experience in the topic. Students are provided a basis for understanding and addressing workplace issues such as claims for workers’ compensation; disability/illness; ADA requirements; and, maintaining a respectful workplace. Current examples and case-law studies are employed within an interactive learning environment.


The agenda is divided into three 8-hour modules as follows:

Workers’ Compensation Law and Claims Process. A workers compensation attorney will provide an overview of workers’ compensation law, including benefits and eligibility requirements, statutory presumptions and available defenses. Recent cases will showcase the process of resolving claims for job-related illness and/or injury.

Effective Handling of Workers’ Compensation Fraud Claims. This segment will be presented by a seasoned sworn investigator and will address identifying and handling workers’ compensation fraud throughout the course of a claim.

Navigating Workers’ Compensation, Retirement and ADA Laws.  An employment attorney will provide an overview of disability retirement laws, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and other laws that apply to sick or injured workers.  Recent cases and strategies to minimize liability for disability discrimination will be discussed.  An interactive discussion with class participants will generate management and policy considerations for an effective claims-management program.

Jennifer K. McCain, J.D.
James Nunn
Location: Volare Hotel
111 S. Avenida de la Estrella
San Clemente, CA 92672

Course Price: $434


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