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This seminar is designed for all sworn/civilian police managers and supervisors who are or may be responsible for anticipating and projecting human resource requirements.



The 24 seminar hours are divided into three, highly interactive eight-hour class sessions as follows:

  • Forecasting: This module examines the current staffing levels and services offered by the agencies attending the seminar. Additionally, resource requirements will be projected. Job forecasting will be emphasized on an agency-per-agency basis.
  • Planning: This session will design a process that can be used to forecast human resource needs based on budget and training considerations and develop a realistic plan to meet those needs.
  • Workshop: This workshop session describes a mentoring program that can promote a seamless transition from the present to the future with respect to changing human resources. Tools will be identified that will assist an agency with succession planning. This session includes participation in problem solving based on diverse agency applications.
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Date: N/A
POST Control No. 9080-10351
Seats: 30
Price: $427 for seminars in Dana Point, CA; $584 for all off-site seminars