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This highly practical seminar is focused on preparing police supervisors and managers to be effective leaders during a critical incident. It will provide a comprehensive and realistic insight into the successful operations, tactics and practices used during a major incident using examples of domestic (“Dorner”) and international terrorism (“radicalism”) experienced by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  An important component of the seminar is understanding and managing the role of the media during those incidents.



DAY 1 & 2: Critical Incident Management – Incident Command System – Unified Command

Instructor: Paul Cook, Deputy Chief Retired, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

During the first two days, the following topics will be covered: Defining a Critical Incident: Pre-incident planning and training; emergency operations plans; multi-agency response and planning; mutual aid; inter-agency relations; role of the incident commander; command post issues; incident analysis and priorities, identifying needed resources; operational plans; and, post incident activities. Introduction to the Incident Command System and Unified Command: The history, features, principles and organizational structure of the Incident Command System will be discussed. The relationship between ICS and National Incident Command will also be explained. Participants will be exposed to case studies and will participate in table top exercises that will allow them to apply Critical Incident Response plans to a variety of real world law enforcement critical and disaster incidents.

DAY 3: Media Impact on Law Enforcement During Critical Incidents

Instructor: Ron Cochran, Assistant Sheriff, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

This day will focus on the development of communication skills and techniques, avoiding pit-falls, and better understanding media procedures as they apply to law enforcement. Participants will understand how to use the media as an invaluable tool to provide information to the community, as well as a source of gathering information for continuing investigations. Participants will learn how to be pro-active in describing their problem-solving efforts to the media. Case studies on recent major law enforcement incidents covered by the media will be analyzed and discussed.

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Seats: 35
Price: $569