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Strategic Planning Seminars


The POST Plan III Strategic Planning Seminar is an excellent vehicle for use by police agencies who wish to spend three days in a retreat location defining goals and developing strategies for accomplishing them. It serves not only as a mechanism for strategic planning but also as a team building workshop. All costs of tuition, travel and per-diem are reimbursable by POST. Contact PMW Associates for availability of dates and locations.


The seminar goals, format, subject matter, and location are selected by the agency. Strategic thinking, planning, and team building are common themes. Values, vision, and current issues are topics usually considered within the three-day program. The format encourages participants to cast off conventional thinking and utilize their natural creativity and intellectual independence to develop a strategic plan. All participants are challenged to generate fresh insight on current problems and perspectives.

This program is designed for leaders (whatever the rank or assignment) whose thinking is not constrained by established rules and paradigms and who are prepared to approach the workshop with imagination and hope. This course provides a purpose-centered approach to forging a dedicated team with a commitment to the achievement of common goals.

Our staff will assist participating agencies to construct and facilitate this results-oriented seminar.

Everd “Doug” McCain
Paul M. Whisenand, Ph.D.

Volare Hotel
111 S. Avenida de la Estrella
San Clemente, CA 92672

Course Price: $428


Contact PMW Associates
for availability of dates.