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All police personnel who want to better understand the development and application of the performance appraisal process.



The seminar consists of one 8-hour module in which the following topics will be addressed through an interactive instructional process:

  • The Performance Appraisal Process  The relevance, purpose and validity of the performance appraisal process will be defined specifically, when and what to evaluate
  • Common Mistakes in Performance Appraisal    Proven techniques to avoid bias and stereotyping in the evaluation process will be discussed along with how to assure a fair and coherent appraisal.
  • Using the Appraisal Process to Set and Measure Goals and Objectives    The class will explore ways in which the appraisal process can be used to evaluate past performance as  well as set new objectives and develop a specific action plan.





Location: N/A
Date: N/A
POST Control No. 9080-12310-15-001
Seats: 50
Price: $202 for seminars in Dana Point, CA; $343 for all off-site seminars