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This action-packed seminar is tailored to meet the needs of all police personnel who want to more effectively identify and control gang activity. The instruction staff is preeminently qualified through their numerous years of ongoing street experience in combating gang criminality.



The three-day seminar is divided into eight-hour modules as follows:

  • Trends in Gang Enforcement: Here the focus is on: methods for identifying and successfully coping with the gang subculture; current interview techniques; witness protection procedures; and recognizing gang subcultures, mannerisms, and markers.


  • Case Scenarios: Audio visual media and actual case examples will be presented and used for hands-on learning and application.


  • Tactical Approaches: The final day is devoted to: addressing departmental gang-related issues; viewing gangs as a national and international phenomenon; and developing gang enforcement policies.
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Date: N/A
POST Control No. 9080-23212-15-001
Seats: 25
Price: $430