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Advanced Civilian Management


This seminar is specifically designed for civilian and sworn police personnel who supervise or manage civilian employees. Designed as an update to the five-day Civilian Management Course, it provides more in-depth coverage of complex topics such as budget preparation and the legal aspects of personnel management. There is no pre-requisite for this seminar.


The agenda is divided into three eight-hour modules as follows:

  • Issues Management  This session is conducted by a three-member panel of subject matter experts. The topics and issues will be generated by the participants via a pre-seminar questionnaire.  Issues not covered the first day will be carried forward into days two and three.


  • Personnel Investigations and Issues   This session will cover at a minimum: updated legal issues and IA investigations; discipline and evidentiary hearings; discrimination/harassment complaints; negligent training, retention, and hiring; recent POBR cases (Govt. Code 3300); labor law issues; administration of public records; and personnel matters relating to computer usage.


  • Generations at Work  This day is devoted to contemporary challenges and proven practices for successfully leading a multi-generational work force.? The focus will be on methods for building bridges between generations.
Jennifer K. McCain
Everd “Doug” McCain

Location: Volare Hotel
111 S. Avenida de la Estrella
San Clemente, CA 92672

Course Price: $426


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