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PMW Associates
law enforcement training, organization & management

For 35 years, PMW Associates has relied upon its core values of experience, enthusiasm, and excellence to serve our clients. We are uniquely well qualified in every aspect of law enforcement training, organization, and management.

Our mission is to provide law enforcement agencies with the training and organizational and management tools necessary to maintain professional standards, adapt to changing circumstances and grow to meet new challenges.

Our highly experienced team consists of successful, motivated and dedicated professionals who are committed to continued growth, and the pursuit of excellence in law enforcement training and management. Each one of our associates has proven experience gained through years of public service in agencies of all sizes.

We have an exciting reason to "come to work" each day and that is to continue to use our skills, knowledge and ability to build service and leadership capacity within your organization.
Thank you for our 35 years. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Paul M. Whisenand, Ph.D.
President, PMW Associates


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