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PMW Associates

Why Use An Executive Search?

Executive search will save you time and money.  Looking for good people interrupts the normal flow of work.  By using executive search, we minimize that interruption.

The best candidates are often happily employed. They are not reading ads or sending out resumes. But they are open to opportunities. Our job is to match your opportunity with theirs.

Matching opportunities is a full-time profession. It requires a network of contacts, a solid reputation and years of experience. By letting us work full-time on what we do best, you get to work full-time on what you do best.

How Do We Work?

First, we interview you and others of your choosing to determine what you need. We develop a written Job Requirements Profile which is submitted for your approval.

Second, through our nationwide contacts and advertising, we identify outstanding potential candidates and contact them.

Third, we screen the candidates by matching their resumes with the Job Requirements Profile. The best candidates are interviewed and their backgrounds are verified.

Fourth, we make the final arrangements. This consists of drawing up a recommended list of top candidates, arranging for interviews, or other screening devices such as an assessment center. We also can assist in negotiations for salary and benefit programs for your new employee.

How Long Does It Take?

This depends to a large extent on your individual needs. A complete nationwide search usually takes about 60 days. A more limited search will take less time.

How Much Does It Cost?

This again depends on individual needs. We have a fixed fee system which we believe is a better system for all parties. With this system, we have no vested interest in the salary awarded to the successful candidate. Before we accept an assignment, we submit a written budget naming our fee. Travel and other related expenses are estimated in the budget and billed as they are incurred.

Why Select PMW Associates?

We have been in the personnel recruitment and selection field since 1971. We specialize in public sector selection. Our list of clients include city, county and state governments as well as numerous special districts. We are large enough to give you the full range of service you want and small enough to give you the attention of our principals.

In short, because we can do the best job at the best price.