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Assesment Centers

What Is An Assessment Center?

It is a process for evaluating individuals using realistic situations and a panel of experts to assess the performance of the individual. The performance data obtained is then used to make accurate judgments about the individual's likelihood of effectively handling similar situations on the job.

Why Use An Assessment Center?

Because it is perhaps the best method to realistically assess, select, and develop personnel. The key is the use of realistic situations and a properly trained and selected evaluation panel. The assessment center process eliminates, to the maximum extent possible, the use of subjective and biased criteria by single individuals in the evaluation of your personnel.

What are the Applications?

  1. Selecting employees
  2. Training and developing employees
  3. Appraising employees' performance
  4. Establishing performance standards
  5. Assisting existing performance appraisal programs
  6. Providing the nucleus of new systems
  7. Planning employees' careers
  8. Evaluating organizational human resources
  9. Identifying management and executive potential
  10. Determining strategies for developmental training
  11. Determining placement needs
  12. Documentation for fair employment
  13. Meeting affirmative action goals
  14. Enhancing equal employment opportunities
  15. Initiating upward mobility programs
  16. Defending legal challenges

What's The Process For Having An Assessment Center?

To begin with, you should know that we can conduct the entire process ourselves, or we can train you to do it, or it can be a joint effort. In any event, the steps are:

  1. We complete a benefit analysis. This helps you decide whether you will benefit from an assessment center and, if so, how to apply those benefits.
  2. We work with you to prepare a job analysis of the position or positions in question. We identify specific skills needed in the job, tasks associated with the job, and critical work situations.
  3. After reviewing the job analysis with you, we recommend specific simulation exercises and work with you in designing these exercises.
  4. The Assessment Center is conducted and the results calculated. This will provide you with a list of candidates ranked according to their strengths and abilities for performing a particular job.
  5. Feedback is provided to the candidates. This can be done either by us, by you, or both of us together.

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on the program. However, we use a fixed fee schedule and before we accept an assignment we submit a written budget. Travel and other related expenses are estimated in the budget and billed as they are incurred.

How Many Assessment Centers Has PMW Conducted?

More than 500. We are one of the largest and most experienced firms in the country in the use and application of assessment centers. Our clients include cities, counties, states, and corporations such as: the City of Anaheim, California: the City of Dallas, Texas; the County of Denver, Colorado; the State of Hawaii; the City of Phoenix, Arizona; and Toyota, USA. We hope you will be one of our many satisfied clients.